Saturday, January 18, 2014

Epic Bacon Disaster

What in the World Are These?

Anthony is Either a Genius Gift Giver or a Bacon Mad Man

Time to Read Up on Making the Perfect Bacon Bowl

Following the Instructions for Optimal Bacon Placement

What the Heck?

Nailed It - Not Even Close!
I am always willing to share my epic culinary and art failures just as much as my successes.  When Anthony handed me the above "black" items I thought "What the heck are these?"  Sometimes you have to ask because Anthony's gift giving brilliance is not always immediately obvious.  Things became clear quickly when he handed me the "Perfect Bacon Bowl - Recipe Guide."
Being game for a new culinary challenge I purchased two pounds of bacon and decided to tackle this unique bacon experience this afternoon.  I had visions of preparing these beautiful bacon bowls for Anthony's breakfasts for next week and seeing the delight on his face when I surprised him with my first attempt.
For time sake I decided to prepare my Perfect Bacon Bowls in the microwave (one of the recommended methods).  I followed the 2 1/2 minute guide, eagerly opened the microwave door and found a greasy goopy undercooked disaster.  Even with covering the Perfect Bacon Bowl with paper towels the grease splattered everywhere.  I again followed the instructions and continued to cook the rubbery greasy mess  in 30 second intervals.  My Perfect Bacon Bowl was a total lost cause.  Above you can see my not perfect bacon bowl vs. the picture on the cover of the Recipe Guide.  Nailed It - Not Even Close!  We won't even discuss the time it took me to clean up the grease covered microwave or the time I spent frying the two pounds of bacon in a pan since it would not work for the bowls.  A total bacon disaster.
I have not given up on my dream of the perfect bacon bowls but some serious adjustments are needed.  My next bacon experiment will be with very thin bacon and the usage of the oven vs. the microwave.  Stay tuned for my next Perfect Bacon Bowl attempt.  I am praying for greasy goodness this next time around.

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