Sunday, September 6, 2015

Handmade Cards Inspired by Mini Sea Kayaking Pictures

My creativity typically 100% tanks when I am sick and this past weekend has been no exception.  However, I already had this card layout and design in mind so it was more assembly vs. creativity that I was able to put together these cards between naps and couch movie watching the past three days.  This large batch of cards is actually, for the most part, a thank you gift so they moved quickly to the top of the long, long list of card obligations I currently have to complete.

Although all of these cards are technically identical in layout they are each unique because every individual card has a different combination of pictures featured on the front.  But togher they make a nice set of cards to give as a gift.  I also selected black ink and white paper for the base of the card and black ink and white paper for the Snapshot image too so the pictures would be the main focus of the cards vs. the stamps or embellishment.

I ordered the pictures in wallet size from Walgreens.  Each print then provided me with 4 small images.  I hand trimmed each image, stamped the Stampabilities Snapshot rubber stamp (from Hobby Lobby) on white card stock and again hand trimmed each stamped image.  The stamp mirrors a Polaroid picture so you could even write or stamp on the bottom of each as you might with a Polaroid picture.  I adhered the pictures to the stamped Snapshot.

I picked an old background stamp which has a nautical feel and theme to it.  For this set of cards it is an old Stampin' Up! stamp from 1998.  Once the image was stamped I used double sided mounting tape to give each image a bit of a "pop" off of the paper.  Just for kicks I added a little black swirled brad at the bottom.

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