Friday, October 2, 2015

Animal Spirit Stamps Sea Turtle

While at Art in the Park last month Kelly and I discovered the Earth Art International booth.  You can see the booth in the background of the picture of Kelly above.  We both loved the bright colors and unique designs of the Animal Spirit drawings and paintings by Sue Coccia.  Although Kelly and I both make cards we do not always have the time available to have cards on hand for those unexpected card giving needs and occasions.  We both purchased a few cards to add to our stash.

Back at home I enjoyed reading about the artist Sue Coccia and the inspiration (nature and a deep understanding of the connection with Spirit) behind her drawings.  She enjoys creating images with meanings drawn from her studies of the beliefs of indigenous people of the world.  Each of her images also contains a ladybug which represents good luck, prosperity and happiness.

What I did not realize was that the images were also available as Rubber Stamps.  I actually stumbled upon them accidentally on a completely different crafting web-site.  I have also discovered that you can purchase them on the Earth Art International web-site (buy 5 and get one free) and even on Amazon.  With the newest fad of adult coloring for stress relief sweeping the nation I think that Sue's images are a perfect way to relax while coloring but they also can be the start to creating beautiful cards to give to friends and family.  They average about $15.00 each and are cling stamps (not wood mounted).  Earth Art International also sells coloring books with much larger images but if I am going to color I would prefer it to be on cards that will be given vs. pages that will just sit in a coloring book. 

Last night I stamped, embossed and trimmed with my new Sea Turtle stamp.  Although I did not have time to color the image in I think that it lends it's self to a lot of creativity and variations.  You can use many different mediums to color the image or even choose to leave it black and white.

Earth Art International Spirit Art Stamps
"If you talk to animals, They will talk to you, And you will know each other.  If you do not talk to them, You will not know them.  And what you do not know You will fear.  What one fears one destroys."  - Chief Dan George 

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