Friday, October 2, 2015

Spots of Color Pink, Blue and Purple

Last night I completed assembling the last three sets of all occasion cards featuring different color pallets on each.  The background dots (pink card) and ribbon (blue card) are from Stampin' Up!  The flower is from Penny Black (purple card).  The Snapshot stamp is from Stampabilities.

I enjoyed putting together these simple cards and added a little bling to each although I kept the layout the same on all of the cards so that they would be a matching set.  These cards are actually going into a project I have been working on for the Shar-Pei and Chow rescue group - Merlin's Hope Rescue.  Although I missed their fall raffle date I am working towards their next fundraising drive.  I am filling baskets with a wide variety of handmade cards and other goodies.  When completed there will be three baskets.  Although most of their items were Shar-Pei themed for their fall raffle I wanted to reach a broader audience with my baskets thus I am making a wide variety of all occasion cards vs. only sticking with dog themed cards.  In fact so far I have not created any dog cards for the baskets.  However, I have purchased some new stamps and will be adding some dog themed cards soon.

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