Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Thank You Card for Raisins Veterianarian Kathi Berman

Raisin was a patient at Eagle Animal Clinic since her very first vet appointment as a baby Pei.  The clinic has had some turnover since she entered the world but we were so fortunate in the staff that they have brought on over the years.  Although all the veterinarian's have been good with Raisin it was Dr. Kathi Berman who Raisin really took a shine to when she joined the clinic in 2013.  I always felt that Raisin was en exceptional judge of character giving everyone the evil eye of judgement before deciding how she felt about them and with Kathi she loved her from the moment they met.  And that was saying a lot (and very uncommon) coming from The Raisin.  Kathi had this amazing acceptance of Raisin and who she was and what she was about.  Kathi really "got her" which is not always an easy task with an alpha female Chinese Shar-Pei.  Trust me I have never had a furry family member who took their job as protector, guardian and watch dog more seriously than Raisin did.  I knew 100% if I was ever in danger or if there was an question of my safety that Raisin would have my back at the expense of her own life.  Raisin was the most stoic dog I have ever met and she had the true heart of a warrior.

Kathi had this remarkable way with Raisin and you could see that she loved, cared for and appreciated Raisin and her unique attitude and disposition as much as we did.  It was Kathi with her wonderful kindness and love that eased Raisin from this world on December 9th, 2015.  Raisin drifted from us surrounded by love from not only her family (Anthony, Alex and me) but from Kathi as well.  I could not have asked for more for Raisin's passing.

Raisin's final remains are at Eagle Animal Clinic and I am hoping to pick them up on Friday or Saturday.  I have been dragging my feel a bit as I know how hard it will be to pick them up.  Although I have a beautiful customized box for her ashes picking up the remains is such a final step.  It is important for me to have a handmade card to drop off in return to thank Kathi for her kindness and so I created the simple card pictured above that includes one of my favorite pictures of both Raisin and Jay.  I have also included a gift card to Starbucks as a small token of thanks.  I can't imagine how difficult it was for Kathi to share with me Raisin's terminal lung cancer diagnosis on December 5th and then to take time to talk with me each day before our final appointment on the 9th.  I know that Kathi's heart broke right along with all of ours.
I put together the card with sei - Park Buddies - Dog Run paper.  I then made 3 additional generic dog cards to put into some raffle baskets I am very slowly putting together for a Shar-Pei rescue.  The cards feature the Inkadinkado - Gem Stone Dogs stamps.         

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