Sunday, November 28, 2010

Birds - Buttons - Brads

I have just started to work on cards as part of a Christmas gift for my pastor and his wife. A few years ago I made them a very large quantity of cards (over 100) for Christmas and to date that is the one gift that I knew they absolutely loved. Joy does scrapbook but she does not make cards. She told me that often they need a card to thank someone and a store bought card never feels the same as a handmade card especially when the person has donated a lot of time or resources to the church.

At church we just started a new small group study called Advent Conspiracy - Can Christmas Change the World? Advent Conspiracy shows you how to substitute consumption with compassion by practicing simple, but powerful, counter cultural concepts:

Worship Fully - Because Christmas Begins and Ends With Jesus!
Spend Less - And Free Your Resources for Things That Truly Matter.
Give More - Of your Presence: Your Hands, Your Works, Your Time, Your Heart.
Love All - The Poor, The Forgotten, The Marginalized, The Sick, In Ways That Make a Difference.

In the book they ask: Are you tired of how consumerism has stolen the soul of Christmas? This year take a stand! Join the groundswell of Christ-followers who are choosing to make Christmas what it should be - a joyous celebration of Jesus' birth that enriches our hearts and the world around us, not a retail circus that depletes our pocketbooks and defeats our spirits.

Reading the first few chapters of the Advent Conspiracy book reminded me of how special home made gifts are. I know that I absolutely love gifts that others have made for me because it is a gift of their time. This Thanksgiving weekend I did not do any retail shopping. I was laying in bed snuggled in my flannel sheets reading a good book on Black Friday while the rest of the world was going retail crazy. I am glad I choose not to participate and I am thankful of the reminder that I can make or give gifts that will enrich the world and others vs. promoting consumerism.

I challenged myself this afternoon to create 4 simple and different card designs using my Aviary set of stamps from Stampin' Up! In addition I wanted to use brads on each of the cards and buttons if they fit in with the design. In total I made 16 cards (4 of each design). Joy likes things pretty simple so I was working towards making cards that they could use for any occasion that are crisp and clean in design. My other challenge was trying to use some of my paper scraps in the design. My scrap paper boxes have started to overflow and I need to either start using the scraps or I need to find a charity to donate them to. I hope to continue making more cards tomorrow night after work to add to their gift. I will need to stop and purchase more envelopes but I think I am in good shape with the rest of my supplies.

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